Be Our Guest

Considering joining us for a worship service?

Where are we?

We're easy to find. If you know were the pink elephant on S. Willow is, we're south of there. If you know were the post office is on S. Willow, we're north of there.

What to expect?

Some people still dress up to come to church but by far, most are wearing comfortable clothes, even jeans, or in the summer shorts. The services usually last about an hour, sometimes a little longer. We don't have one of those stand and introduce yourself times in the service. (Phew! I know, right?) But if you're new, expect people to notice and greet you. If you would like to receive holy communion, please speak to the pastor before the service. And please know that while you're very welcome to join us in worship, after talking with you before the service, the pastor may ask you to wait to refrain from receiving holy communion as a matter of pastoral care. This was the long-standing practice of the Christian Church for nineteen centuries, we think that is a precedent worth keeping.

We follow a written service folder that's easy to follow so there's no worries about being in the right place in the right book or even if it's time to stand or sit. Following a responsive liturgy might feel odd to you but from your very first, "The Lord be with you." "And also with you," we'll help you fit right in.

Children are welcome!

Our service has a children's message and we welcome you to come up with your child if he or she might be a little nervous the first time or two at church.

We are handicapped accessible.